Explore Your Astrology Chart + Creative Practice​

Art + Journaling + Astrology

A guided program to learn about your own astrological birth chart, while exploring its holistic messages and nuances through reflective journaling and creative practice.

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(registration closes July 1, 2018)

In The Stars will invite you to explore your natal chart beyond character trait definitions, moving into an inner world of layers and beauty, ripe for transformative self-awareness. You will learn how to interpret key focal points from multiple angles, take what is resonant and pertinent for your life, and bring it into your art+journaling creative practice for further discovery, insight and relativity.

Over the course of the program, you will begin to see connections that take time to reveal, and that no outside interpreter could possibly make for you – because the power of astrology is as a personal, living relationship with the miracle of creation, your psyche and unique story, and our inherent interconnection as a collective human family.

Guided by monthly themes, you will mindfully, intuitively and visually explore the archetypal significance of key celestial bodies and where they fall in your personal birth chart, learning about the intricacies of relationships between them.

In The Stars includes:

• Lessons on the astrological symbols: planets, zodiac signs & houses

• Rich journaling prompts for personal reflection, inviting you to dive deep

• Creative practice invitations and demos to further explore your curiosities and awareness about your chart placements

Your creative journal - and 'Book of Stars' - will be custom to you, your chart placements and your intuitive + creative process – meaningful in a way that only you could gift yourself by coming along for this creative journey.

I am confident you will feel a little more centered and seen, with clarity of how to nurture and support what you may have always thought of as personal weaknesses or flaws – while celebrating and shining forth your inherent strengths and callings, with more confidence and love.

It is my deepest intent that this journey of discovery be both fun and meaningful, and that what you learn and discover feels inspiring, encouraging and practically relative for your life and relationships.


"Hali shares her gift of perception generously and with joyful enthusiasm. The way she interprets the chart and weaves this with her intuitive observation, the result is simply magical."

- 2017 participant


Each of the following themes centers around a core placement in your chart…

1 :: Shining True & Through
2 :: Mirrors, Mysteries & Intuition
3 :: Mischief, Stories & Perceptions
4 :: In Love, Beauty & Creation
5 :: emPower & Protect
6 :: Uplift, Beyond Limits
7 :: The long-haul: Focus & Great Works
8 :: Wake Up & Break Free, True-To-You
9 :: Fly High: Spirit & Dreams
10 :: Power, Shadows & The Persistent Unconscious
11 :: Initiating Healing & The Key of Connection
12 :: Going From Here: Your Evolutionary Journey

Content is released each month in 2018 on a schedule, but can be enjoyed at your own pace and in your own timing once it's posted.

LAST Call to Join the Journey!

(registration closes July 1, 2018)


  • You are a soulful creative or curious dreamer
  • Being creative or artsy is an enjoyable, meaningful and often cathartic practice for you, and you are interested in integrating it with personal reflection and growth
  • You are interested in learning about – or learning more about – your astrological natal chart as a tool for self-discovery
  • You are curious about archetypal energies and instincts, and how they show up in your inner and outer experiences
  • You are interested in the application of symbology and metaphor to enhance and create meaning in the story of your life
  • You have a wholistic perspective about life and relationship – and wish to cultivate the way you engage, nurture and express this
  • You want to deepen your intuition and trust in your inner experience, understanding that this reflects and transmits into your outer world as well, and contributes to a collective story
  • You are interested in the option of group support and interaction as you explore your own natal chart and deepen your art+journaling creative practice (NEW in 2018: We can now share images with our comments right in the privacy of the class site!)

(above images on the right: 2017 participant work)


  • A fun Welcome Guide, to begin familiarizing you with basic astrology language, help you prepare, gather supplies, and spark your curiosity for what is to come
  • Monthly audios and videos on the planetary/archetypal themes, as well as each zodiac sign - with instruction & examples to help you begin a meaningful interpretation of your chart placements
  • Reflective Prompts and guided Creative Practice Invitations (via videos) each month to inspire and deepen your exploration
  • Special Bonus astrology tips and additional resources for further exploration
  • Monthly designated Q&A opportunities with Hali (very helpful for unforeseen clarification)
  • Bonus lessons from new 2018 guest contributors! (see below)
  • First dibs on discounted private chart readings with Hali
  • Plus, NEW additions in 2018 including an 8 week Dance Through the Houses, printable charts and fodder, & four Cosmic Creative Planning Gatherings

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"Not sure if I have already expressed my absolute love of how this course material is offered as a beautiful mixture of still images, text, videos and audio recordings. Love It! I especially love the audio recordings (and videos once watched become "audios" too) since I love both the freedom to do other things in my studio and my own learning style is best suited with this type of oral tradition. Many thanks Hali Karla for creating a beautiful "container" of yummy morsels for us to enjoy.

- 2017 participant


  • Each create our own ‘Book of Stars’ specific to your significant astrological placements and intuitive explorations of their meanings - a reference treasure you can enjoy and add to for your lifetime
  • Explore the ten astrological ‘planets’, plus several other celestial points in your chart, including their archetypal instincts and fascinating theories, and how their placement, signs and relationships to one another can be expressed and reflected in your life
  • Gather for monthly virtual Art/Creative Practice Meet-ups for additional connection, support, and inspiration (optional)
  • Connect in a private Facebook group with other participants, and at the private class site (optional)

About the ART experience…

You do not need to consider yourself an artist to enjoy this program or a creative practice!

Please understand that this is not necessarily a technique oriented class. It is about mixed-media experimentation, working with what you have, and activating your unique stylistic relationship to your creative energy, curiosity and intuitive process. I will share with you about my approach and process, including tips that may enhance your skills, technique and knowledge – but only to inspire and enhance the development of your practice. Everyone’s journal will look beautifully different. Emphasis is on liberating *your* creative process and intuition through practice, not necessarily on technique.

Supplies will not be excessive – an art practice can easily be an affordable, and priceless, gift to yourself. All of the invitations can be altered and adjusted to work with very basic supplies and substitutions – much of which you likely already have on hand.

You are never required to share work from your process, but will be supported if/when you do. I always encourage mindfulness around sharing, particularly when working with such personal expression. It is most important that your creative explorations be an uninhibited, safe practice for you to explore, release, honor, heal and express your dynamic feelings, stories, challenges, questions, visions and joys.

About the ASTROLOGY approach…

The foundation of astrology has room for both intuitively creative and orderly approaches, as well as paradoxes with multitudes of context and possibility – this is precisely why I am hooked!

I have focused on western approaches to astrological interpretation in my studies and practice – applying my holistic lens and love of creative process, psychology, evolutionary consciousness and healing. This weaving is how I will share the astrological language with you.

While I continue to deepen + expand my own studies and practice, I can’t wait to share basic application and creative exploration with you – so that you can discover and de-mystify some of the beauty of your unique birth chart as a companion to your life and experiences.

For me, the true gift of our birth chart is about ways we relate to ourselves, our world and one another.

The knowledge I will share with you, and how you can apply it to your own chart and life, is totally accessible regardless of your previous experience with astrology.

I am passionate about creative practice and astrology equally, and so looking forward to exploring possibilities, discoveries and questions with you along the way!

You may find that you lean more toward the creative practice aspect of the program, or the astrological exploration – but either way, and regardless of experience, I am certain you will learn something new and find inspiration for your creative process and personal development.

"I am loving the class and the creativity piece is one of the reasons I take one course each year to frame my creativity and help me stay with it. Thank you so much for the reading and the beautiful way you guide your classes."

- 2017 participant

Your Guide


Hali is a contemplative artist and teacher who loves guiding others in soulful creative practice, courageous integration of one's wholeness and truth, and meaningful birth chart explorations.

Connect with Hali :: HaliKarla.com Instagram





April is the founder of THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR and self-publishes the New Moon Calendar Journal. She is also a visual artist, mama, teacher, and creative lunar coach. Her work reflects her passion for nature-based cycles, personal mythologies, and symbolism. April has more than fifteen years experience working in education as a classroom teacher, workshop facilitator and program coordinator at home and abroad. She loves to support people on the path to growth and transformation.

Connect with April :: TheMoonIsMyCalendar.comInstagramFacebook


Kiala Givehand is a bookbinder, art journaler, storyteller, travel junkie, and avid astrology student. She looks for creative ways to document her life, travels, learnings, and ancestral stories. She teaches others to create containers for their memories and guides them on the many ways to fill the pages with their legacy.

Connect with Kiala :: KialaGivehand.comInstagramFacebook


I am drawn to inner guidance and intuitive arts through astrology, numerology and the various other oracle and tarot systems. My work as an astrologer is about sharing, encouraging and empowering others to learn and gain understanding of this ancient wisdom that offers powerful guidance for our contemporary lives. My own life direction and expression is enhanced by using my astrological "star map" to guide my insights as a musician. I have a fascination with how energy states can be changed through vibration and frequency, while using sound and music for healing, well-being, creativity and for bringing joy into our lives.

Connect with Ruth :: SoulAndSoundInsights.comInstagramTwitter


Astrologer and mandala artist in residence at Zodiac Arts since 1985; currently semi-retired and living in Hawaii. My passion is creating sacred space with mandalas, medicine wheels, and moon circles.It is an honor to be a guest contributor. I love connecting with others who are on a path of creative self-awareness and expression.

Connect with Sunny :: ZodiacArts.comFacebook


Whinnie is a teacher, artist, biologist, devotee of plant wisdom & ethnobotany, and kindred astrology student. In IN THE STARS 2017, she offered connections between the botanical realms and our celestial/archetypal themes each month . She will be joining us again to help ground our starry explorations right where we plant our feet on this beautiful earth.

Connect with Whinnie :: Instagram

For a limited time:
Receive the full program for just $198

Choose between a one-time payment or payment plan


Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DOES THIS ONLINE PROGRAM WORK? Do I need to attend in real-time?
Because IN THE STARS is an online program, you do *not* need to be available in ‘real-time’ to receive or enjoy any of the content. Content will go live in our private class site each month, on a schedule in 2018. You can participate from wherever you are, and enjoy it all at your own pace. There will also be optional bonus meet-ups to enrich our experience that will happen in ‘real-time’ live-online – but most of these will be recorded in case you miss them (technology permitting).
Do I need previous art or astrology EXPERIENCE?
Absolutely not! The creative practice invitations will be designed for all levels of art-making experience and will encourage experimentation and a process-oriented approach. Just bring a little courage and a playful, curious spirit along with you. The astrology concepts and themes will be offered in bite-size chunks for you to explore and reflect on – and you can re-visit sections as you need to. This will include visual aids, audio lessons and short instructional videos to help you make sense of your chart even if you’ve never seen it before. Over the course of your exploration, your astrology knowledge will expand into a bigger picture, much like threads weaving together to create a tapestry.
What SUPPLIES will be needed?
Our creative practice activities will be possible to complete with the most basic of art supplies. Any special supplies you have on top of that will just add to your personal exploration. You will also have the chance to make an optional, very special Book of Stars - with simple supplies. You will also definitely want an art journal or sketchbook just for IN THE STARS - I recommend a 9″x12″ or larger. There is a basic supply list in the Welcome Guide that offers ideas on what to gather. I do encourage a ‘less is more’ approach for a regular creative practice.
What information do I need for obtaining my BIRTH CHART?
You will need your PLACE and DATE OF BIRTH, and an accurate TIME OF BIRTH. This is usually found on your birth certificate. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR EXACT BIRTH TIME, please note: While it is best if you have your time of birth, if you do not (and can’t find it out) you will still be able to participate and receive a year full of wonderful reflection and creative practice prompts. While it won’t be quite as personally customized as those who do have an exact birth time, there will be alternative tips and prompts each month for those working without this information. Without a birth time, you will be working more intuitively with some of the material, and by self-assessment of your life experience to guide your journey. Ideas on getting a birth certificate with an accurate time will be shared in the class site, but please email me if you have questions about this: support(at)halikarla.com
What TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS do I need to successfully participate in In The Stars?
A computer or mobile device with connection to the internet. A high-speed internet connection will help reduce possible frustration. The videos and class site are best supported by the up-to-date version of the following browsers: Chrome or Firefox. You need to be comfortable with basic computer skills – primarily entering a username and password, and accessing your email.
How long does ACCESS last?
At our new class site in 2018, you can come and go as you please to enjoy the content and replays with unlimited access, once each content section is released in 2018. Access is guaranteed until at least February 28, 2019.
Will you be doing individual ASTROLOGY READINGS for participants?
Yes, this will be an option! While private readings are not part of the program registration fee, I will be offering the opportunity to purchase intuitive, personalized interpretations of your natal chart in 2018. Participants in IN THE STARS will be given a discount and first dibs on spots as they become available. This option makes an exciting supplement to the program content as you learn & explore the wonders of your own chart.
Will I be able to apply what I learn about my own chart to the charts of others?
Of course. This course will launch you into the basics of beginning to interpret and enjoy the holistic possibilities of your chart and those you love. Please keep in mind that astrology is a vast field open to interpretation, and that there is no substitute for one-on-one insight from an experienced astrologer to help guide your discoveries. I always encourage you to keep a beginner’s mind and seek out a multitude of resources, teachings, and perspectives for the most helpful and comprehensive understanding. Remember, too, that the astrology concepts we explore in this course are for entertainment purposes only – and any relative insights it offers to your personal life are subjective to you and not guaranteed in any way.
What are the REFUND policy details and PAYMENT PLAN terms?
REFUND POLICY: Due to the nature of the class and the fact that you will have instant access to rich content upon enrollment, refunds are not available. I am confident in the value of the course material, and do not want you to be unhappy with your purchase, so please purchase mindfully and email support(at)halikarla.com with any questions that will help you make a decision. •••• PAYMENT PLAN TERMS: When selecting the Payment Plan, you are agreeing to make all 3 payments in full. Failure to do so will result in your In The Stars 2018 membership and access being terminated. Payment Plans will only be available for a limited time.

This course is not open for enrollment.

The curriculum reflected below updates with new content
as it is released each month in 2018

Class Content

  2 :: Mirrors, Mysteries & Intuition
Available in days
days after you enroll
  3 :: Mischief, Stories & Perception
Available in days
days after you enroll
  4 :: In Love, Beauty & Creation
Available in days
days after you enroll
  5 :: emPower & Protect
Available in days
days after you enroll
  6 :: Uplift, Beyond Limits
Available in days
days after you enroll
  7 :: The Long Haul - Focus & Great Works
Available in days
days after you enroll
  8 :: Wake Up & Break Free
Available in days
days after you enroll
  9 :: Fly High - Spirit & Dreams
Available in days
days after you enroll
  10 :: Power, Shadows & The Persistent Unconscious
Available in days
days after you enroll
  11 :: Initiating Healing & The Key of Connection
Available in days
days after you enroll